October 2000

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October 3, 2000 - 6:30 PM

Duncan Werth, 2nd Vice President

GETTING BACK TO OUR ROOTS: Practical Tips For Happier, Healthier Orchids! Cindy Hill will share her tips for growing award-winning plants. See you there!


October 3, 2000 - 7:30 PM - CASA DEL PRADO - ROOM 102 - (not Room 101 due to construction.)

George Kenner, First Vice President

Ha Ha, fooled you!! See, it is possible to pick up orchid culture tips and be entertained at the same time — all without a dark room and a bunch of slides. For this experience, we are much indebted to last month’s speaker; Bob Gordon. We are further indebted to Charlie and Sue Foquette for providing a fantastic plant table. The table overflowed with beautifully grown hybrid Phalaenopsis that were instant hits with the attending members.

Try your best to attend the October meeting. Our scheduled speaker is an old friend; Karen Muir. Karen is originally from Michigan where she had raised orchids for 26 years. She was a member of the Michigan Orchid Society and held all of the offices of the Society including show chair, program chair, vice president and president. Karen became an accredited American Orchid Society Judge in 1997. In 1998, she was transferred by her Company, Lincoln Mercury, to Irvine, California and now lives in Laguna Niguel, California. Karen is also the Chair of the Pacific South Judging Region and has traveled to Canada, Guatemala, Ecuador, Brazil, South Africa and Japan to attend, lecture and judge orchid shows. The title of her presentation is The Tokyo Grand Prix. She will take us by the hand and lead us through nooks and crannies of the grandest, and certainly the largest, orchid show on the planet.

The plant table will consist of Cattleya types (SC, BLC, SLC, POT, etc.) furnished by Carmela orchids of Hawaii. Come on down and get one of the Big Pretties.

Sorry to report that I will be unable to join you for the next couple of meetings. Shortly, I will be on my way to sneak a peek at the orchids of Thailand, Laos, Burma, Singapore and Indonesia. We should have lots to talk about when I return. Until then, Ben Machado has graciously consented to host our speaker’s dinner. Let him know if you would like to join them.

Members and Advertisers

If you have monthly meetings or announcements related to orchids, make sure the information gets to the Editor by the Second Tuesday of each month for publishing in the next issue of this newsletter. To contribute articles or to advertise your orchid-related business, please contact Rebecca Lawrence, Editor, 820 Ocean Crest, Cardiff, CA 92007, Phone: 760-943-8860 or E-mail: Rebsie@home.com .


My name is Michael Orser and I am one of the eager "editors in progress." I am a native San Diegan. To introduce myself, I would be remiss to not mention my better half, Nicole, who also shares my love for orchids. While we are both beginners, we are slowly moving onto the next level (we are killing fewer orchids daily).

While I have no editing experince (unless you count the high school yearbook), I enjoy expanding my knowledge of orchids, as well as sharing my experiences. We do have the best representation in all of the society meetings I have attended, and I hope it continues to be a rewarding experience for all.

My experience with our society meetings has been admittedly mixed, and one of my goals is to better welcome newcomers. I will include the remainder of my goals with that of David Graham’s, and look forward to continuing to meet the rest of you soon!

If you would like to email me, it’s mikiniki@netzero.net

Editor’s Note: Thank you all for the opportunity to be your editor for these past two years. I have learned so much, developed rewarding orchid friendships and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. With this issue I pass on my job to David Graham, Mike Orser, and Marjorie Kuhlman. David was introduced last month, Mike this, and Marjorie next month. Please welcome them to their jobs enthusiastically with lots of input and articles for print. -Rebecca Lawrence

Dates to Remember
October 2000

October 3, 7:30 pm
General Meeting

Note different room this month
(no plants please)
Room 101, Casa del Prado, Balboa Park
Gary Pierwola (619) 426-9108

October 7, 9:00 am
SDCOS Species Group Meeting
First Saturday each month
Paul or Ann Tuskes (858) 274-5829

October 10, 7:00 pm
SDCOS Board Meeting
Second Tuesday each month
Balboa Park
Siv Garrod (619) 483-8787

October 13, 7:30 pm
Palomar Orchid Society Meeting
Second Friday each month
Vista Community Center
Vera Stanke (949) 498-7122

October 14th and 15th
San Diego International Orchid Fair
Del Mar Fairgrounds - Activity Center
John Walters

October 18
Cymbidium Society Meeting
Third Wednesday each month
Carlsbad Women’s Club
Larry Phillips (619) 746-5518

October 20
Zoo Orchid Greenhouses Open House
Third Friday each month
Janette Gerrity (619) 231-1515 ext. 4306

October 21st and 22nd
Mini Show - Gary Pierwola

October 28th and 29th
East - West Orchid Show
New Otani Hotel, Los Angeles - (213) 485-1177 or www.orchidshow.org



I have orchids of many genera and I need to get my collection down to a size that I can manage better. Have plants from seedling size up to specimen sizes at real reasonable prices as I am still debating whether to divide and repot or not. I am retired now so my time is (just about) my own, and live in Linda Vista, just north of Fashion Valley.

Lee Mize 858-278-5542 If you are interested !


Greenhouse just completed and it is less than 20% full. Have room for Orchids of all sizes. I am interested in most orchids (hybrids as well as species) to see what I am able to grow. I am interested in obtaining small divisions, outcasts, orphans, and other plants.

David Graham 858-271-0970, or email at dgraham@san.rr.com

To place a classified add, please submit your listing by the second Tuesday of the month to either of the editors

SDCOS Board of Directors Meeting

September 12, 2000.

Meeting called to order at 19:00

Present: Gary Pierwola, George Kenner, Duncan Werth, Barbie Mays, Dave Mays, Sam DeMaria, Loren Batchman, Fred Weber, Alma Marosz, Jerry Boyd and Siv Garrod.


1. Last meeting’s minutes were read, and approved by motion.

2. Treasurer - Barbie Mays - Report for August was presented and filed for audit.

3. First vice president - George Kenner - The speaker at the October meeting will be Karen Muir. She is a judge and will show slides and talk about the Orchid show in Tokyo.

The plant table will be provided by Carmela Orchids.

4. Second vice president - Duncan Werth - Cindy Hill will discuss general orchid culture


1. The by-laws committee, chaired by Paul Tuskes, has not had a chance to organize a meeting due to heavy traveling.

2. Alma Marosz made a motion that the Garner fund will provide the money for Orchid Books for the student at the University of Peru. Sam DeMaria seconded and no one opposed. The check will be mailed to Eric Christenson and he will prepare the material.

3. The new Show Chair is Ben Machado.


1. The renovation of our regular meeting room is supposed to be done at the end of September. The "Show and Tell" will be postponed until this can be verified. The Park will replace the projection screen.

2. A new San Diego plant society has asked to use our dates for the mini-show in February. We agreed, rescheduled, and will have our first 2001 mini show January 20 and 21 with set-up starting the 19th.

3. The board approved the grant requests selected by the Conservation committee.

Meeting adjourned 19:35 Submitted by Siv Garrod


The SDCOS offers this service to members who seek cultural information about their orchids. Here are some friendly hobbyists with a great deal of experience about certain types of orchids, and who have kindly volunteered to answer your questions.

Cattleyas, Oncidium/Odontoglossums, Vandaceous, Greenhouse grown, West SD County

Forrest Robinson - (619) 270-6105

Species, all types, Indoor and Outdoor

Ann & Paul Tuskes – (858) 274-5829


Ann Tuskes - (858) 274-5829

Bob Hodges - (619) 461-4915,

Phalaenopsis, Cattleyas and Dendrobiums

Alma Marosz – (619) 583-0334

Vandas, Ascocendas

Edith and Leno Galvan - (619) 441-7503

Encyclias, Epidendrums, Laelias

Tom Osborn - (760) 787-0282


Don van Kekerix - (619) 224-4938


Loren Batchman - casa@orquideas.com

Sam DeMaria - (619) 295-2951

Northeast County, all types

Dave Reid - (760) 728-7996

San Diego West County, all types

Jean Beck - (619) 435-8211

San Diego Central, Outdoor, all types

Jim Wright - (619) 276-5295

Fred Tomaschke - (619) 276-3225

San Diego East County, all types

James Masst – (619) 443-2800

Bud Close – (619) 444-8839

South County all types

Genie Hammond -- (619) 426-6831

Ed Marty – (619) 470-7175




Photography ęGreg Allikas