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March 2000


March 7, 2000 - 6:30 PM - CASA DEL PRADO - ROOM 104

Gary Pierwola, 2nd VP

Don’t miss Dave Reid of Reid’s Orchids talk on Cattleyas and Laelias -- the types you can grow in the greenhouse and the types which can be grown outdoors.


March 7, 2000 - 7:30 PM - CASA DEL PRADO - ROOM 101

By Ben Machado, 1st VP

When our membership says a speaker’s a real winner, and wants a return engagement, what can we do but to make sure the membership stays happy? Courtney Hackney is our return guest speaker in March, with a presentation titled "Water Quality". Now there’s a brave topic that should be high on every orchid enthusiast’s priority list in the San Diego area. Given the lack of quality of our water, who isn’t concerned about orchid plant needs and requirements when it comes to watering our plants? Here’s some information about Courtney:

"Courtney Hackney grew up in the Florida Keys where many Caribbean species of Orchids grew wild. He began work at an Orchid nursery at 13 and continues today after 35 years. Even during years of college and graduate school he was accompanied by a handful of his favorite Orchids. He is now a Professor of Biological Sciences and Marine Biology at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, where he teaches and conducts research on coastal wetlands. He puts his ecological training and knowledge of genetics to practical use raising many species of Orchids and in hybridizing. He grows about 1500 Orchids of all genera in a 22’ x 32’ Florida Style greenhouse. He specializes in Caribbean species, especially equitant Oncidiums and Encyclia. In addition to maintaining breeding lines of several species, he hybridizes Phalaenopsis and Epicats. He is a student AOS judge in the Raleigh Center and writes a monthly "Orchid Tips" column which appears in newsletters of four orchid clubs in the Carolinas. He lives in Wilmington, NC with his wife and two daughters."

All members are welcome to participate in the guest speaker’s dinner before the presentation. Of course you have to pay for your own meal but you do get a chance to meet the speaker in advance plus visit with fellow members. The dinner location hasn’t been decided yet, but last year Courtney and several society members had a great time at a Thai restaurant on Convoy. Call Ben Machado, (619) 660-9870 if you would like to join in with the dinner. Courtney will supply our Plant Opportunity Table with a combination of species that includes Encyclias and Paphs plus a selection of Cattleya hybrids uncommon to the West Coast.


Thursday, March 23

8a.m. - 11p.m. Show and Sales Set-Up

5p.m. - 9:00p.m. Plant Registration

Friday, March 24

7- 9:30a.m. Plant Registration

7 - 11a.m. Exhibit Set-Up

7 - 6p.m. Vendor Set-Up

9:30a.m. Plant Registration Closes

11a.m. Judges’ Luncheon

12 noon AOS Judging / CSA Judging

12:30p.m SDCOS Ribbon/Trophy Judging

6p.m. - 10p.m. Exhibits & Sales Open to public

Saturday, March 25

9a.m. - 6p.m. Exhibits & Sales Open to public

10a.m.- 5p.m. Orchid Culture Classes/Videos

6:30p.m. Banquet (buy tickets in advance)

Sunday, March 26

9a.m. - 4p.m. Exhibits & Sales Open to public

(no tickets sold after 3 p.m.)

10a.m. - 3p.m Orchid Culture Classes/Videos

4p.m. Vendor and Exhibit Breakdown

The PLANT HOTEL will keep your purchases safe while you shop; be sure to pick up your plants 15 minutes before closing time.

Yes, VIRTUE is its Own Reward...but then, so is Your BEAUTIFUL ORCHID!

We will have LOTS of rewards for your blooming masterpieces at the Show. There are First, Second, Third place ribbons, Best of Classes and Best of Section ribbons, and of course, one Best of Show ribbon. And take a look at all these Trophies! An "Amateur" trophy means it can be awarded ONLY to an amateur division entry (that’s you). "Open" trophy means it can be awarded to a Commercial entry OR an Amateur entry. So as an Amateur, you are eligible to win ANY trophy! Commercial division entries can compete ONLY for Open trophies. How do you like them odds?!! Great, aren’t they! Just enter your plants, then stand back and watch!


Abernathy Trophy (Amateur) Best Cymbidium Hybrid in show

Bean Trophy (Open) Best of Vanda Alliance in show

Bertsch Trophy (Open) Best Intergeneric Hybrid excluding Cattleya or Cymbidium

Bishop Trophy (Open) Best Miniature Cattleya Hybrid in show

Bliss Trophy (Open) Best Species Orchid in show

Canale Trophy (Open) Best Colored Cattleya Alliance in show

Casa Herbrita Trophy (Open) Best Sophronitis Hybrid in show

Casamajor Trophy (Amateur) Best of Paphiopedilum Alliance in show

Casey Trophy (Open) Best of Oncidium Alliance in show

Cobb Trophy (Open) Best Cymbidium in show

Crosby Trophy (Open) Best American Hybrid Cymbidium in show

DeMaria Trophy (Open) Best Reed Stem Epidendrum in show

Doros Trophy (Open) Best Intergeneric Hybrid of Phalaenopsis Alliance

Dugger Trophy (Open) Best Species or Hybrid Odontoglossum in show

Foster Trophy (Amateur) Best 3 Cymbidiums in containers

Geer Trophy (Open) Best Specimen Plant in show—all plants in show are eligible

Hadacheck Trophy (Open) Best of Dendrobium Alliance in show

Junior Grower Trophy (Amateur) NEW! Best Plant exhibited by a Junior grower (under 18 years)

Laughter Trophy (Open) Best Phalaenopsis in show

Miller Trophy (Open) Best of Paphiopedilum Alliance in show

Moore Trophy (Amateur) Best White or Semi-Alba Standard-sized Cattleya

Novice Grower Trophy (Amateur) NEW! Best Plant exhibited by Novice w/ 2 yrs or less experience

Pacific Trophy (Open) Best 3 Cattleyas in containers

Peterson Trophy (Amateur) Best 3 Cattleyas in containers

Sweepstakes Trophy (Open) Best Orchid in show

Snyder Trophy (Open) Best 3 Cymbidiums in containers

Thorne Trophy (Amateur) Best Colored Cattleya Alliance in show

Wilson Trophy (Open) Most Unusual Orchid Flower in show



(All Awards for Massed Displays to be determined by AOS/CSA Certified Judges)

Balboa Trophy (Amateur) Best Exhibit illustrating Show Theme. Amateur entries only.

Coronado Trophy (Open) Best Exhibit of Non-Orchid Material.

Marosz Trophy (Open) Most Educational Exhibit. All displays are eligible
1st prize: $100; 2cd: $75, 3rd: $50

Pinckney Trophy (Open) Most Artistic Exhibit. All displays are eligible.

President’s Trophy (Open) Best Exhibit illustrating Show Theme. All displays are eligible.

SDCOS Cash Prize (Open) Best Exhibit. All displays are eligible.
1st prize: $200; 2cd: $150, 3rd: $75

SDCOS Cash Prize (Amateur) Best Exhibit. Amateur entries only.
1st prize: $200; 2cd: $150, 3rd: $75

SDCOS Trophy (Open) Best Exhibit in a Natural Setting. All displays are eligible

Winship Trophy (Amateur) Best Exhibit in a Natural Setting. Amateur entries only.

~ National Orchid Societiy TROPHIES AND AWARDS ~

American Orchid Society Show Trophy (Open) Best Exhibit of orchid plants or cut flowers covering 25 sq.ft. or more, awarded by American Orchid Society judges.

Cymbidium Society of America Gold Medal (Open) Best Exhibit of at least 12 Cymbidium orchids, awarded by Cymbidium Society of America judges.

Orchid Digest Show Trophy (Amateur) Best Exhibit by an Amateur grower, covering 30 square feet or more, demonstrating high flower quality and excellence of culture, awarded by American Orchid Society judges.

Orchid Talk.....By Esther Sivila

By now, you must have gotten your packet of six pre-show tickets for THE ORCHID ODYSSEY. These are five tickets to sell for $4.00 each and when you sell five tickets, the sixth one is for you, FREE. It’s SDCOS thank you for helping make this year’s show a big success.

When you go to the show, try to go around and see the plants that will be awarded. This time, you will be able to experience and apply what we talked about in how the orchids are judged. Let me know, how many plants you will find that maybe you disagree on how it will be judged and why. I will need your feedback on this. Send me e-mail at: ( Now let’s continue in our generic names and their pronunciation. We stopped at Cattleya violacea



Wageneri WAG-e-ner-eye

Walkeriana wal-ker-ee-AH-na

Warneri WAR-ner-eye

Warscewiczii var-sheh-VICH-ee-eye

CATTLETONIA kat-lee-TONE-ee-ah


laevis LYE-vis

langleyensis lang-lee-EN-sis


Amesianum amez-ee-AH-num

Makoyanum ma-koy-AH-num

medusae me-DOO-sye

CLOWESIA klo-WES-ee-ah

COCHLEANTHES kok-lee-AN-theez

COCHLIODA kok-lee-OH-da

brasiliensis bra-sil-ee-EN-sis

sanguinea san-GWIN-ee-ah

COELOGYNE see-LAW-ji-nee

asperata ass-pe-RAH-ta

corymbosa ko-rim-BOW-sa

cristata kris-TAH-ta

cymbidiodes sim-bid-ee-OY-deez

Dayana day-AH-na

flaccida FLA-si-da

Massangeana ma-sang-ee-AH-na

Mooreana moor-ee-AH-na

nitida NI-ti-da

ochracea oh-KRA-see-ah

pandurata pand-yoo-RAH-ta

speciosa spee-see-OH-sa


COLMANARA kole-man-AH-ra

COMPARETTIA kom-pah-RET-ee-ah


CORYANTHES ko-ree-AN-theez

CUITLAUZINA kweet-law-ZEE-na

pendula PEN-dyoo-la


Let’s stop here till next issue. See you at the big show!!!

Dates to Remember
March 2000

March 4, 9:00 am
SDCOS Species Group Meeting
First Saturday each month
Sima Perkins 619-469-5170
Paul or Ann Tuskes (619) 274-5829

March 7, 7:30 pm
SDCOS General Meeting
First Tuesday each month, Balboa Park
Fred Weber (619) 982-9128

March 14, 7:00 pm
SDCOS Board Meeting
Second Tuesday each month
Balboa Park
Siv Garrod (619) 483-8787

March 10, 7:30 pm
Palomar Orchid Society Meeting
Second Friday each month
Vista Community Center
Greg Luetticke (760) 724-4711

March 16
Cymbidium Society Meeting
Third Wednesday each month
Carlsbad Women’s Club
Larry Phillips (619) 746-5518

March 17 10 am – 2 pm
Zoo Orchid Greenhouses Open House
Third Friday each month
Jeannette Gerrity (619) 231-1515 ext. 4306

March 24, 25 & 26
54th Annual Orchid Show and Sale
Scottish Rite Center
1695 Camino del Rio South
Mission Valley, CA (619) 297-0397
Show Information line: (858) 720-1790
SDCOS Home Page:
Cindy Hill (858) 481-7582
Bud Close (619) 444-8839

March 31 - April 2
Santa Barbara International
Orchid Show and Sale
Earl Warren Fairgrounds, Santa Barbara
Web Page:


Please follow these instructions if you want your plants and/or flowers judged by Ribbon Judges or AOS/CSA Judges. Plant registration is now easier and quicker than ever, so if that favorite plant is in bloom and in good health, bring it on in to the show so we all can enjoy it!

1. Take a WHITE (Commercial) or WHITE WITH GREEN STRIPE (Amateur) registration card with a plant tag attached. Keep them stapled together until you reach the registration table. One card for each plant.

2. Fill out both the registration card and attached plant tag for all judging. (If you wish AOS or CSA judging, those forms must be filled out as well.)

3. Print information clearly and legibly.

4. Select the Section & Class your plant fits into using show schedule, the checklist provided at the entry desk, and/or by asking the registrar.

5. Indicate the location of your plant on the registration card and on AOS/ CSA forms (if it is in an exhibit, give exhibit #).

6. YOU are responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. If the information is illegible, not printed or typed, not properly filled out, or the location is incorrect, your plants may not be judged.

7. Remove the staple. Fold the plant tag so that the exhibitor’s name does not show, and attach a rubber band through the hole in the top

8. Give the registration card to the registrar. Attach the plant tag securely to your plant. (Staple removers and rubber bands are supplied at the registration table.)

9. Leave the plant on the table reserved for Registration, and you are done.

10. If you have any questions, please contact the registrar on duty at the registration table.

An example of a properly completed registration card is available at the registration table.

Getting the Most out our Annual Show March 24 - 26th

by Paul Tuskes

Learn more about Orchids - Presentations by society members can help you select and grow your plants better. Scheduled talks include: Cattleya culture and care; Growing and dividing Cymbidiums; How to grow ladyslipper orchids; Selecting and growing orchids outside in San Diego; Orchids of Australia, plus orchid videos. You will see education displays on orchid conservation, re-potting techniques, and flasking orchid seeds. Visit with fellow members and commercial growers to ask about everything from plant culture to pests. Conservation - The SDCOS has a strong history of supporting orchid/habitat conservation and research. through funds raised from donated plants sold at the society booth. Recently the Society has supported local projects at Quail Botanical Gardens, Los Angeles & UC Irvine Arboretums, and the San Diego Zoo. Other active projects include orchid studies and education programs in New Hampshire, Hawaii, Ecuador, Brazil, Viet Nam, and South Africa. Participate - Meet people with similar interests. Donate some time to make it work. The society rewards volunteers with "Bonus Bucks" which are good for shirts and posters at the show, as well as at the plant raffle held during the monthly meeting. You can help with security, ticket sales, registration, setup and tear down... it’s a good way to meet people and make new friends.

Really See the Show - If you have questions, ask someone with a Host or Security ribbon. Thinking about adding plants to your collection?...find out what others are growing in San Diego. There will be approximately 25 large floor displays, many of which will address the show theme (Orchid Odyssey). Check out the colors, arrangements, fragrances and unique plants. There are also orchid corsages for sale and wonderful photo opportunities. We only ask that you do not step into the display or handle the plants or flowers.

Looking for Plants to Buy? Select from two dozen vendors selling hundreds of different types of orchids as well as fertilizer and special orchid pots. It is a great chance to find orchids for the house or yard.
When? March 24, 25 & 26: Open 6 – 10 pm Friday, 9am – 6pm Saturday, and 9am to 4pm Sunday. Where? The Scottish Rite Center, 1895 Camino del Rio South, Mission Valley. What does it Cost? Entry is $5.00 at the door and $4.00 with a discount coupon from the newspaper or local nurseries. Children under 12 are admitted free. You must have a ticket to enter the Sales Room. Parking is free! If you have questions, visit our Society’s web site at or call the show information line at (858) 720-1790.


by Harry Tolen,

Supreme Commander, Chula Orchids

You old timers have probably heard this stuff before, but now is the season for show times and a few tips for the novice to use when shopping couldn’t hurt.


Rule 1. When at our show, DON’T touch the flowers! If everyone just puts their finger under the flower and picks it up to look at it, they will be worn out before the first day is over. Please don’t touch any plants or flowers in the displays.

Rule 2. Don’t walk into any of the displays. If you have to stand in front for a picture fine, but don’t get caught in any of the displays, the dogs may get you! Nothing will draw a crowd of frowning people any faster than entering one of the displays.

Rule 3. Don’t pick up the flowering plants anywhere. I can tell you from my own experience that plenty of bloom spikes get broken that way. It may seem like only one to you, but it happens way too much. Look at the plants in Home Depot for instance where they seem to be handled by maulers. The only reason most of those plants that are left don’t look good is because of shoppers picking them up and putting them down all day long. If they were left on the shelf only touching them when you select it to purchased they would look good to the very last.

Rule 4. Don’t EVER remove the tags from the pots without talking to a host (or the vendor) first. This is the biggest pet peeve of all the growers I talk to. Oh sure, you have good intentions and plan to put it back, but there are times, when the tag goes in the wrong pot, or it goes between the pots to the floor, or is broken in half and only half
remains. I know growers who will threaten dismemberment if they catch you removing a tag, that is a number one no-no! How then are you supposed to know about the plant? Ask? Reading the label probably won’t help you anyway., so look for one of our hosts roaming the floor and ask for help.


Rule 4a. Do Not Remove Plant Labels. Here’s a sub rule for Rule 4 for the shopping area. I’ve already told you about removing labels, but some folks just have to take labels out of two pots at the same time, look at them and dutifully put them back in the pots, but now they are switched with the wrong label in two pots. That is bad for 1. the next customer, 2. the vendor as they probably had different prices, and 3. for you if you get caught. Speaking for some vendors I am aware of, including myself, we have persons no longer allowed on the premises because of just that broken rule. The vendors can’t be following everyone around all the time, so, an offender here may not be allowed back at the same place if they can’t be trusted not to break this very important rule.

Rule 5. Use the Plant Hotel to store some purchases while you go look for more. Don’t try to drag them all around with you, something will get broken. We will have a Plant Hotel in the hallway between the vendors and the show area to store your plants for free while you continue shopping or looking at the show itself. Under NO conditions will any plants you have purchased be allowed to go into the Show Room. So you must store them somewhere if you go to the vendor area first.

Rule 6. Don’t shop in someone else’s trash can. Frequently persons visit a show or business and see a piece of an orchid in the trash, sometimes a whole plant. Some growers, to teach you a lesson, will let you go ahead and take anything you can find in the trash. Think, why would a anyone, especially a business, throw away a perfectly good plant? They didn’t! It’s likely to be a piece with no eyes, or, a plant with disease symptoms, or just a lousy grower. Is that what you want to pick up? The worst of these is the possible virused plant. You want to take a virused plant home and put it in your collection you paid big bucks for? You are not saving any money here, you are endangering your collection. Shop on the shelves and benches, not in the trash, your odds there are quite a bit better at getting a really nice plant. And I don’t want to hear that, "Oh I just want to experiment!" Don’t think you can experiment with a virused plant.

Rule 7. If you pick a plant up to look at it, put it back where you found it! Don’t carry it around the place and sit it down somewhere else. I can’t speak for everyone, but my plants are there because that’s where I think they will grow best, and moving them to a spot with different conditions will affect the growth. I don’t mind you picking up the non- flowering plants, but I do mind them being put somewhere else. It’s like the stuff you see on the wrong shelves at Costco, they picked it up, decided later they didn’t want to buy it and just stick any old place in the store. Great! How much of the cost of what I buy is paying to collect and put that stuff back in the right spot? Pat and I once found a real Phalaenopsis at Costco stuck up on the shelf with the silk plants. We knew it would die there, I don’t think they water the silk plants, but, we picked it up, put it in the cart and hauled it around till we found the other Phals clear across the store and put it back where it belonged. Show some class in the orchid places, don’t move the plants around.

Rule 8. Ask about a culture sheet when you are considering buying a plant. The vendors will frequently have them printed up, and also our society has a bunch available at the front Information Booth. If there is a culture sheet you can help out the vendor if you will not stand there and ask all about how to grow the plant you have a culture sheet in your hand for. After all, it’s show time, they are trying to serve as many persons as possible. If you still need to know something after reading the culture sheet call the vendor after the show when they have some time to chat. All vendors love to talk about orchids, but not at the busiest show times.

Rule 9. Don’t expect to haggle early in the show or when it’s crowded. Haggling over the plant prices I guess is the name of the game. But most vendors don’t like to do it. They have paid at least $500 bucks for the booth at our show, invested at least a week in preparation for the show, purchased a bunch of plants for the show, shopped around and found what they think will be good sellers at the
show, hauled it all down to the show spot, put in a great display for the show, set it all up in their booth, and the first person in says $15?, how ‘bout $5? Ain’t that thrilling!!! Most vendors will gladly give you some sort of a discount if you are purchasing ten plants, but one? C’mon! So I guess you can haggle if it pleases you, but it’s NOT pleasing the person you are talking to. Remember that if they look strained when you come up with your offer. The best time to look for specials is the last day of the show in the afternoon. Lots of the vendors will not want to take plants home and may sell them a lot cheaper,,, local vendors would probably rather take them home. But the show traffic is slower and you will have more time to haggle and make deals if that is your pleasure. Look for Out-Of -Town Vendors to give you the best discounts. Don’t be ridiculous with your offer because those folks usually wind up wholesaling all they have left to a local vendor, so you will have to beat that price at least. Most of these deals are made way ahead, when the show starts or from last year, so the vendor already has plans, unless you make a better offer.

Rule 10. Well, I can’t think of one! So, read all the rules again, and just try to be on your best behavior and make me proud of you!!


These hard-working members have volunteered as Committee Leaders to help make their areas of the Show run smoothly. But they don’t do it alone. Many other members donate their time, effort, enthusiasm, plants, and can-do spirit to make our annual show and sale a great success.

Show Co-Chairs: Bud Close and Cindy Hill

Committee Committee Leaders

Construction Fred Weber

Corsage Booth Dick Reid, Alma Marosz

Culture Classes Forrest Robinson, Ann & Paul Tuskes, Charlie Fouquette, Bud Close, Harry Tolen.

Display – SDCOS Moti Bodner & Species Group

Judging Coordinator Jim Wright

AOS/CSA Registration Ron Kaufmann

Membership Vivian Follmer

Photography Paul and Ann Tuskes

Plant Hotel Esther Sivila

Plant Registration Cindy Hill

Show Program Loren Batchman, Fred Committee Clarke, Siv Garrod,

Cindy Hill, Ron Kaufmann, Helmut Rohrl, Peter Tobias, Paul Tuskes, Jim Wright

Publicity – Advertising Cindy Hill

Ranch Catering Sam De Maria

Sales Booth Ron Kaufmann, Siv Garrod

Security Duncan Werth

T Shirt And Gift Sales Joan Close, Pat Tolen

Tear Down Fred Weber, Bud Close

Ticket Sales-Pre-Show Dave & Barbie Mays

Ticket Sales - Door Jackie & Dick Bechtel

Treasurer Edith Galvan

Video Shows Nico Goossens


Did you know our show is the one and only major orchid show on the west coast put on ENTIRELY by volunteers?? Flag down any committee leader on March 7 and tell them when you can jump in!

SECURITY: Take tickets at the door and stamp hands for re-entry; Roving guards protect the displays and plants; and Sales Area guards monitor the exits of the sales area to ensure no sales plants go through show room, all plants have ‘sold’ stickers, and no one enters sales room without a ticket. CORSAGE BOOTH: Help to make corsages for sale and for door prizes. PLANT HOTEL: Check in visitors’ purchases in exchange for a claim ticket; guard plants during show from unauthorized removal; return plants when owner presents claim stub. INFORMATION BOOTH AND MEMBERSHIP: Answer questions about the show and basic orchid questions, provide membership forms. RIBBON AND TROPHY JUDGING: Judge registered plants in teams of 4; award ribbons and trophies as merited; assist photographers in assembling trophies and placing them correctly before show opens. T SHIRT AND GIFT SALES: Selling SDCOS Show T shirts and sweatshirts, as well as selected orchid gifts that benefit the Society; helping to keep inventory restocked. ADMISSIONS: Selling tickets at the entrance, taking coupons, answering questions. SHOW SET-UP: In Show Room—tape boundaries of displays according to layout provided; tape plastic on floor; construct backdrops; arrange display tables and cover with plastic sheeting; string electrical wiring where needed; distribute bark and greenery; set up dias and Information booth. In Sales Room—tape boundaries of sales booths according to layout provided; set up tables. PLANT SALES BOOTH: Help to price, arrange and sell plants at the SDCOS booth; answer cultural questions; make suggestions about plants appropriate for customer. PLANT REGISTRATION: Log in plants for ribbon and trophy judging; help registrants with questions; and place plants on judging tables in proper sequence... Please sign up at the March 7 meeting so we’ll know we can count YOU in.

SDCOS Board of Directors Meeting
February 8, 2000

Present: Fred Weber, Edith Galvan, Cindy Hill, Duncan Werth, Gary Pierwola , Bud Close, Ann Tuskes, Paul Tuskes, Leno Galvan and Siv Garrod. Meeting called to order at 19:00.


1. Last meeting’s minutes were read and approved.

2. Treasurer - Edith Galvan - the report for January was read, approved and filed for audit.

3. Second vice president - Gary Pierwola - Dave Reed will do a presentation on Cattleyas and Laelias at the March Novice Class.

4. Show Co-Chairman - Bud Close - The society has rented additional rooms for the show, one for showing videos and the other for novice classes.

5. Show Co-Chairman - Cindy Hill - Ads for our Show has been submitted to local newsletters. Ron Kaufmann, who does the AOS registration at the show, requests that the society buy Wildcatt software, a computer orchid database needed for registration. Ann Tuskes made the motion to purchase the program and Duncan Werth seconded, no one opposed. The society provides culture sheets for free at our shows, to minimize people taking multiple copies. Cindy proposed that we set a small fee for the sheets. They will now be offered for $1. New bonus bucks have been designed, they have room for the name of the volunteer and are also numbered.


1. The Bus trip to The Santa Barbara Spring show April 1 may be canceled due to lack of interest.

2. Marion Allen - AOS liaison - She sent us a letter on her thoughts of San Diego as a site for an AOS Trustee meeting year 2004. She outlined the pros and the cons of holding a meeting and a show at the same location, which they prefer and if the were on separate but close locations.


1. The Pacific South Judging Center asked for a donation from SDCOS. Bud Close made a motion that we give them $400.00 as done in previous years and Ann Tuskes seconded, no one opposed.

2. Peter Tobias had via phone calls asked the board to make some policy one donated collections and how to care for them. Bud Close will submit a article to the newsletter about the need for people to plan ahead in case of being unable to care for their collection any more.

Meeting adjourned 19:46

Submitted by Siv Garrod

Interested in contributing articles to our newsletter?. Please contact Rebecca Lawrence for details. 760-943-8860 email . Articles submitted may be edited for clarity, accuracy and length prior to publication.


HELP HOTLINE: The SDCOS offers a service to members who seek cultural information about their orchids. Here are some friendly hobbyists who have a great deal of experience and knowledge about certain types of orchids, and who have kindly volunteered to answer your questions. There are no commercial growers on this list.

Cattleyas, Oncidium/Odontoglossum, and Vandaceous, Greenhouse grown, West SD county Forrest Robinson - (619) 270-6105

Encyclias, Epidendrum - Tom Osborn - (760) 787-0282

Paphiopedilums - Bob Hodges - (619)461-4915, Ann Tuskes - (619) 274-5829

Phalaenopsis, Cattleyas and Dendrobiums Alma Marosz - (619) 583-0334

Pleurothallids - Don van Kekerix - (619) 224-4938

Cymbidium, Zygopetalum - Ken Miller (619) 453-4705

Northeast County, all types - Dave Reid (619) 728-7996

San Diego West County all types - Jean Beck (619) 435-8211

San Diego Central, Outdoor, all types Fred Tomaschke 276-3225 / Jim Wright 276-5295

San Diego East County, all types James Masst - (619) 443-2800 / Bud Close - (619) 444-8839

Species, all types, Indoor and Outdoor Ann & Paul Tuskes - (619) 274-5829

South County all types - Genie Hammond (619) 426-6831 / Ed Marty - (619) 470-7175

You may also call any of the SDCOS Board Members for information; if they don't have the answer, they will direct you to someone who knows.


If you have monthly meetings or announcements related to orchids make sure the information gets to me by the SECOND TUESDAY of each month for publishing in the next newsletter.

Rebecca Lawrence, Editor

San Diego County Orchid Society
~~ Established in 1947 ~~

To promote interest in orchids and their cultivation, to educate by exchanging information and experiences related to successful orchid culture, and to support the conservation of orchids in the wild.

President: Fred Weber 619-982-9128
First Vice President: Ben Machado 619-660-9870
Second Vice President: Gary Pierwola 619-426-9108
Secretary Siv Garrod: 619-483-8787
Treasurer: Edith Galvan 619-441-7503
1997 to 2000 Ann Tuskes 619-274-5829
1998 to 2001 Cindy Hill 619-481-5782
1999 to 2002 Duncan Werth 619-222-2072
Director at Large: (Past President) Bud Close 619-444-8839
Parliamentarian: Alma Marosz 619-583-0334
Refreshments: Joan Close, Alma Marosz, Peggy Swanson, Pat Tolen
Librarian: Ron Velarde 619-562-7246
Historian: Ben Hardy 619-448-0659
Plant Opportunity Table: Jim Reid 619-223-3961
William Roley, Rudy Pfeiffer
Hospitality: Esther Sivila, Naty Ritua
Floral Association Representative: Lynn Beyerle 619-454-4953
Botanical Fnd. and Mini-Show Representative: Bob Hodges 619-461-4915
Conservation Committee: Peter Tobias 760-753-3173
Membership Committee and Name Badges: Vivian Follmer 619-538-6187
Newsletter Editor: Rebecca Lawrence 760-943-8860
Newsletter Distribution: Genie Hammond 619-426-6831
Newsletter Advertising: Cindy Hill 619-481-5782
Webmaster: Duncan Werth 619-222-2072

These are many of the hard-working volunteers that keep our Society running. There are many others with no titles that help these folks make it happen. You are invited to help. Ask any of these people how.

Monthly meetings are held the First Tuesday of each month at Casa del Prado in Balboa Park.
You do not need to be a member to attend these meetings. Admission is free. Anyone is welcome!

Novice Class: 6:30 p.m. Room 104
General Meeting: 7:30 p.m. Room 101

You are invited to share your interest in growing orchids through: monthly meetings with slide shows, guest speakers and refreshments, our Newsletter, mini-shows, Annual Spring Show, a Christmas party, plant raffles, and camaraderie with other hobbyists as well as commercial growers, just by becoming a Society member.

To join our Society, fill out this form, mail it with your check (payable to SDCOS), and come to the next meeting. Single $10.00 / Dual $12.50. Membership runs from July 1 to June 30
(1/2 price after January 1).

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Mail to:
Vivian Follmer
13127 Roundup
San Diego, CA 92129

Phone: 619-538-6187
Correspondence to the Society goes to:
P.O. Box 161020
San Diego, CA 92176

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