January 1999

From AOS Orchids December 1998:
(Suggested by Cindy Hill, Director)

"In the kitchen with Sandra"
AOS member Sandra Leopold, an accredited judge from the Florida North Central Judging Center, is preparing a cookbook for the Amercian Orchid Society. Titled "The Best of Everything Cookbook", it will feature orchids and their culture, art, poetry, and recipes from orchidists worldwide. Orchid society members, judges, vendors and commercial growers are encouraged to submit their recipes. Please take a few minutes and find that special recipe from your grandmother, type it up and send it to Sandra Leopold, 617 FoxHall, Savannah, Georgia, 31406 (telephone 912-355-2551, after 5 pm ET). Credit will be given for all recipes used and your name will be printed with the recipe. All recipes will be tested and then the best will be printed to introduce the world to the tasty cuisine orchid growers serve up.

JANUARY 5, 1999 - 7:30 PM - CASA DEL PRADO - ROOM 101

By Ben Machado, 1st VP

Happy New Year! To start the new year off right we have a guest speaker who specializes in worldwide conservation. Our guest speaker is Bill Toone the director of conservation programs for the San Diego Zoo. He is the local subject matter expert on conservation and has graciously put together a program centered on orchid conservation. Here are a few words he has to say about himself:

"I am Director of Applied Conservation Programs for the Zoological Society of San Diego. I spend a great deal of time involved in domestic and international conservation programs. Having studied the California condor for my Master thesis at the University of California at Davis, I went on to lead the ZSSD's participation in the program from 1981 to 1990, collecting eggs, rearing chicks and serving as a member of the Federally appointed Recovery Team. Later, because of an interest in community based conservation and sustainable resource use I began working with the orchids of the air, butterflies. Through this work, the well-know butterfly encounter in the Wild Animal Park's Hidden Jungle was developed.
Having traveled professionally to 70 countries I have been involved in work ranging from seed banking, establishment of national parks, studies with giant Chaco peccary, birds of paradise and butterflies. My presentation will involve stories from these various projects as well as a discussion as to how orchid enthusiasts can parlay their interest into sound environmental programs".

To totally involve the San Diego Zoo during our general meeting the San Diego Zoo Orchid Greenhouses will provide the plants for our Plant Opportunity Table. We have been promised a variety of the excess plants that have been collected by the Zoo over the years. Most of the plants will be species, all of them blooming size or near blooming size. In addition Don Van Kekerix has two very special "coffee table" books for our Silent Auction. These are the type of books that concentrate on full color glory photos of orchid species ideal for reference and just thumbing through. The books are from an anonymous donor and are titled, "The International Book of Orchids" and "The Orchid." Both books were authored by P. Francis Hunt. Lucky us to have these for our Silent Auction! And also in addition a few plants were left over from the Holiday party and will be added to the Plant Opportunity Table. The Plant Opportunity Table will have a larger than normal selection this time. All you need is a few of those lucky drawing tickets.

SDCOS Board of Directors Meeting December 8, 1998
Present: Fred Weber, Bud Close, Leno Galvan, Edith Galvan, Ann Tuskes, Ben Machado and Siv Garrod. Meeting called to order at 7:09 P.M.
1. Last meetings minutes were read and approved after minor adjustments.
2.Treasurer report for November was read, accepted and filed for audit.
3.Bill Toone is the Director of Applied Conservation Programs for the Zoological Society of San Diego. will make a presentation on world wide conservation with an emphasis on orchids.
4 Show Chairman - Show preparations are moving along smoothly. Judges are
starting to reply. Heying Associates will soon have the posters made.
The meeting was adjourned 7:35 P.M.
Submitted by Siv Garrod, Secretary

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