Rossioglossum Culture

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   Last time I looked this was Rossioglossum grande, but it's possible it has another name now. Until a few years ago it was Odontoglossum grande.  Whatever it's called, it's an absolutely magnificent flower and display when grown even to a medium size like this one.  Bright yellow flowers covered with brown blotches and spots, and they are big, about 5 1/2 inches to 6 inches across.  Click the thumbnails for larger images.

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   I grow this outside all year here in San Diego, as do many others.  Under 80% shade cloth is just about perfect I think. If I made any change it would be to just a bit more light.  I have it now where it gets morning sun, full strength, right through summer and all.  And it is out in the yard right through the winter.  If I thought it would freeze I would move it inside for those few nights.

   I water and fertilize with regular tap water. The fertilizer is a balanced 19-19-19 I have made with all the trace elements.  I use it 1/4 strength absolutely all the time except when leaching the plants.

   Once a month I leach the pots and wash the plants off with a mix of magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salts).  This keeps the mineral buildup off the leaves and out of the pots.  I may do this two or three times in a row before I go back to the tap water and fertilizer.

   The plant is growing in a slotted clay pot I got from O.F.E. years ago.  The mix in the pot is medium fir bark and #3 perlite, nothing more.  The clay pot idea was to keep the roots slightly cooler in our hot climate.

*Many thanks to Harry Tolen for supplying this information and photos.

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