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San Diego County Orchid Society
Spring Show and Sale

Our Spring Show will be held in Balboa Park Room 101 and on the adjacent Patios. Displays and Plant Judging will occur in Room 101. Plant Sales will be on the large Patio NORTH of Room 101.


We urge members to submit orchid plants for judging at our shows. At the Spring Show plants will be judged by one or more of the following: the American Orchid Society (AOS), and the San Diego County Orchid Society. Slipper Orchid Alliance judges will be judging paphiopedilums and phragmipediums.

Members are encouraged to volunteer for the Spring Show.
Wednesday afternoon we load our truck from the garage. Thursday is setup day. Friday is judging day and the show opens in the mid afternoon. Saturday and Sunday the show is open. Sunday afternoon after 4PM will be teardown but we will be storing equipment from Patio B in Room 101. Monday we will load from Room 101 to the moving truck and unload at the garage. Click the day of the show: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday to sign up online or you can sign up in person at the March monthly meeting.

Plant Registration Times
Thursday,   April 20th 3:00PM to 7:00PM
Friday,        April 21st 8:00AM to 9:00AM

To determine the section & class your plant belongs in, refer to the 2023 Show Schedule Page.

Plant Pre-Registration - At the Fall Show & Sale we used a pre-registration form to allow anyone to pre-register their orchid plant(s) for the Show. This worked very well. We had a better idea of what plants to expect and were able to organize our show tables effectively. Here is the pre-registration form for our Spring Show & Sale. Please copy this MS Word file to your computer. Fill out the fields and email the completed form to our Show Chair Debby Halliday: as soon as possible. IF you find a plant in bloom on Wednesday, please bring it in Thursday evening or Friday morning before 9AM and we will help you register it for the show. If you do not have MS Word, here is a PDF version of the pre-registration form. Please use the Word version if at all possible to speed up our data-handling.

Member Displays: Anyone interested in participating in Member Displays, please fill out a display request form and send it by email to ShowChair Debby Halliday: before April 3rd to reserve a display space but be sure to bring in the printed form!

Speakers Schedule for Saturday, April 22nd
11:00 AM Dave Hoffmaster Re-Potting Phalaenopsis
1:00 PM Ashley Grable Growing Orchids in a Semi-hydroponic Set Up
2:00 PM Kay Klausing General Care and Re-potting of Orchids
3:00 PM Debby Halliday How to Succeed with your Trader Joe’s Orchid

Speakers Schedule for Sunday, April 23rd
Time Speaker Subject
11:00 AM Debby Halliday How to Succeed with Your Trader Joe’s Orchid
1:00 PM Ben Machado Orchid Basics
2:00 PM Alex Nadzan Growing Orchids Outdoors in Southern California
3:00 PM Kay Klausing General Care and Re-potting of Orchids